Welcome to my world of Holistic Living

I'm Katarina Osterrieder and I'm truly delighted to share my journey with you. Come explore the world of harmonious living with me.

About me​


My love affair with interior design began as an entrepreneur in the hospitality business, always on the hunt for new culinary experiences and intriguing environments. While traveling in search of new dishes, cocktails, and cultures, I discovered an unquenchable passion for design. I found myself enchanted by the dance of materials, textures, colors, art, and styles I encountered, each one a testament to the places and people that had inspired them.

Life has a beautiful way of taking us down unexpected paths. Though I never anticipated this turn in my journey, I came to realize that connecting my experiences and knowledge led me to a unique way of seeing the world. My heart is still very much intertwined with the hospitality business, and I find great joy in guiding my clients in the creation of fulfilling environments, translating my accumulated wisdom, experience, and intuition into spaces that nourish their well-being.

At its very core, design is about evoking feelings. It’s about balance, harmony, and spirit. Emotions and feelings, after all, are the substance of life. I believe everything should resonate with the right emotions, and being able to contribute to that is both a privilege and an honor.

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In the embrace of family and friends, we find our truest sanctuary. This beautiful connection inspires my design philosophy, inviting warmth, harmony, and the timeless essence of togetherness into every space.

Inspired by Nature


Nature, the most exquisite artist, remains my greatest inspiration. Its effortless grace and beauty guide my approach, always reminding me that emotions and feelings are the essence of our existence. Designing spaces is not just my profession, but a privilege and an honor.

Among the many sources of inspiration, there’s one that stands close to my heart – the majestic olive tree. This ancient symbol of peace and harmony has always resonated with me, both as an interior designer and as a lover of nature.

During my travels, I’ve often found myself drawn to olive groves, where the silvery leaves dance to the rhythm of the wind, and the gnarled trunks tell stories of time and resilience. Much like the environments, I seek to create, olive trees represent a harmony of form and function, beauty and utility.

As I design spaces that reflect the balance, harmony, and spirit essential to holistic living, I often think of the olive tree’s gentle strength. Its elegance and timelessness inspire me to create environments that not only please the eye but nourish the soul. For me, the olive tree is more than just a beautiful element of nature; it’s a philosophy, a way of life that I’m eager to share with you.

Let’s connect and embark on this creative journey together. Reach out to me and let’s explore the unique possibilities that await your space.

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